the empty suitcase

it’s left unsaid that I haven’t found that single most valuable asset
yet all I have is baggage


10.31.2015 9:38am

through all the constant grief
and the brooding walks bypassing the alleyways
on the way to work
i envisioned souls not crying down the bustling main streets
and the security of the soothing breeze
prickling skin on their arms through the knit sweater they wore
to avoid the shaky winds brought on by the night

and between the impromptu bus trips across the state
and the subtle romance caught between passenger seats
of separate cars while at a stop sign
and the dark mysterious timing surrounding them,
the perseverance topples down
thus being forced back into the dark of the street
gawked at
rancid inside
mediocre, and all

passable for living

your worth

it’s okay to have feelings
go ahead and complain about mundane things
like Monday mornings or seeing bystanders ignore the homeless
it’s alright if you cry
cry when anxiety hits at midnight
or when reminiscing on past valentines
those are the things we fear the most

but also see your full potential
the vulnerability should not
and never should risk your own self worth
that you are a culmination of
who you want to be and what you love
and your past does not define you
these are the things we hear the least