After two solid days of isolation
and approximately two and a half months of melancholy
and a day where opening my eyes was impossible

I found the light.


a letter to the unfulfilled 23 year old

I would stay up all night to watch the stars
In their glory, in their prime
I’m sure I have in a past life

I want to sit outside and not be able to bear the cold
I’ve always been sensitive to a breeze
Especially during the fall

Tomorrow is yet another day of life
Maybe I’ll quit my desk job and explore off my last paycheck

The mundane Thursday mornings of the week bring no simplicity
Still two full days until I can sleep in without the fear of not hearing alarms

And the click clack click clack of heels on the hardwood floor bring a cold sentiment to my core

But it is not satisfying
No, it is not the type of cold
I would want to be